This Off Camera Flash workshop by Kimberly Campbell was AMAZING!! And you know, most of the workshops I go to are all amazing, however I must say I learned A LOT from this one!! I am not an off camera flash gal.. or at least I didn’t use to be! This workshop was definitely a challenge for me. The day started off great. We all met in Sylvan Lake at the new venue 52 NORTH VENUE.. Which I might add is GORGEOUS!!.. (Like I will seriously be getting married there one day!). Once I arrived at the venue I introduced myself to everyone! I got to meet a lot of very talented Photographers.. A lot of whom I was very excited to learn from!! We had some snacks, chatted for a little and then it was time to get to work! We sat down as a group and learned the ins and outs of our off camera flash. It was A LOT to take in but I thought I caught on really fast!…. But then it came to the hands on part of the workshop! I pulled out all of my equipment, got it all set up and ready to shoot…. And then my flashes started acting up! It was terrible! I had just bought a new flash trigger system and was sooo excited to learn with it, and then it WOULD NOT work for me at all!! Although I was having a difficult time, Kimberly and all of her helpers were amazing! They all took turns trying to help me figure out my system. At one point I was back in the learning room with one of the teachers googling everything we could in order to get my flashes to work while all of the other students were out taking photos of the GORGEOUS styled session! . . . It REALLY sucked. At that point I was so discouraged that I wanted to cry. . . .. . .But then I thought to myself, “what if this had happened to me at a wedding?”. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A TOTAL DISASTER!! I would have had absolutely no one to turn to or ask for help!! And in that moment I was honestly sooo thankful that I had struggled so much during this workshop! It means that I truly learned something that I needed to!!!! THIS IS WHY WE PHOTOGRAPHERS DO WHAT WE DO! We are continuously learning so that we can give our clients the BEAUTIFUL photos that they deserve!.. Our job is not a simple one. It takes a lot of learning to get to where we want to be in the Photography world! It is difficult, challenging… and yet sooo rewarding! Because I have taken the time to actually learn I have had the chance to grow my business to a level I didn’t know I could! I have also had the opportunity to meet the most amazing people through my job, and I will continue to do so as long as myself & my business are constantly GROWING!… I am so thankful for these amazing Photographers who provide me with the opportunity to learn and grow with them! <3 I will definitely be attending more workshops!! 😀 . . . And for those wondering… Yes! we did manage to get my system working perfectly!!! Bring on the wedding receptions!!


Host & Photographer – Kimberly – Chic & Grace Studios Wedding & Portrait Photographer Planning & Design – Lori Angebrandt – event planning & design Rentals – Copper Cloud Events Venue – 52 North Venue Florals – Flowers by nicole Stationary – by gian lee Cake – Creative Cakes by Carol Hair – M. Co Hairstyling Makeup – Black Chair Beauty- Makeup & Beauty Specialist Real Couple – Justine & Jachin


Off Camera Flash Workshop!

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